Weekend of 24th - 25th September 2011

Total in just 2 days = +£1.914.67 (£100 trades)

Since Public Release!



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June was only 10 days betting, and September is only part way through.

Daily Results

You can see the Daily Returns on £100 Trades.

European Summer, Limited games available to trade still we made a nice profit on only 10 days trading.










We have given you 5 months of results, so we feel you can see that is works we will not continue updating the results.


Steve and Dennis



HOW TO GO FROM £10 trades TO £100 TRADES in 60 DAYS


You can see how Cashflow Football will allow you to start with a small bank and in 60 days, have those trades up to £100 ones.

What to see the PROOF?


You will get this report when you purchase.

Also you will Get the Bet Results we have obtained.

You will see all the matches we bet on.


June 2011 to 21st September 2011

The report is in pdf format.






Some Facts and Figures

From 5th June, to 25th September 2011 (100 days trading)

Using £100.00 trades.

Average win is around +£60

Average daily result is around +£115

Strike rate is around 74.3%

Profit is £11,051.97
Level Stake trading.



Nice Money Earner Steve, but will it suit Me?

This strategy can be use in Soccer Leagues all around the world, and if you can inplay trade on it then you can certainly follow this strategy.

So if you work 9-5, then there are plenty of games you can trade.

No you don't have to watch the games on TV, you can follow it on the net.

I am in Australia can I follow the strategy?

Yes and No.. you can not bet inplay on sports in Australia on the net, but you can bet inplay over the phone, Betfair is very fast at actioning your phone bets.

What tools do I need?

You need a Betfair account to bet with, and if possible (not neccessary) Fairbot software (Costs around £70.00 for a year).

And we give you the web address of the sites that will make this Trading strategy work for you.

How will I know if there will be Trades on any given day?

You are given the formula to pre scan the day's games to see where the action will be, so you can see what games maybe playable, as you can see by the summaries above, except for June there will be action everyday.

I can not afford to trade £100 a game, does that count me out?

No, not at all, we have a strategy where you can start a £10.00 a trade and over 60 days, your bank will increase to allow you to Trade at £100.00 a game.

You can of course stick to whatever amount you are happy with, that is the best approach.

Can it be run by a Bot?

We have not explored that possiblility yet, but I dare say it could. We usually get feedback from our buyers, so no doubt they will tell us if it can be botted or not. As soon as we have an answer we will have it on this site.




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Android Version available below.

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